Forward Thinking

We think future packaging

Join our packaging powerhouse and let's create sustainable and innovative packaging solutions for a circular economy and a better tomorrow.

Our culture

Our culture and values are at the heart of how we do business.

Through our commitment to quality, innovation and the environment, we provide one of the most dynamic and advanced technology bases within the industry. Supported by a global network of expertise and know how, our Tech Labs provide an unrivalled source of knowledge, design and development processes.

Our people are dynamic, entrepreneurial and empowered, with a real passion for performance. We show we care by being respectful and responsible. We act with integrity, encouraging honesty and transparency in all that we do. Zero harm is at the heart of our safety culture, and we are fully committed to ensuring our people return home safely, every day.



Gorakhdhandha is our unique framework for creating sustainable value.

Our purpose drives our vision and provides context for our strategy, which we then execute through our operating framework, in line with our culture and values. Gorakhdhandha is the foundation for our integrated value chain and it guides the strategic, operational and stakeholder-related decisions we make across our business.

purpose and vision



culture and values

Research and Development Centre
- Development team and state-of-the-art packaging lines available
- Develop new packaging concepts and solutions based on market trends
- Offer pre-series packaging testing for joint projects
- Packaging training programmes, both internally and for customers
- Solid network for sustainable development and growth

Cooperation with Universities and Research Institutes
- IIP Mumbai
- SIES College of Management Studies

Development Centre
- Collaborative learning and development space
- Lotus International 2024 vision for a circular economy
- Supporting our customers and retail partners achieve their sustainability targets
- Collaborate with stakeholders in the supply chain and experts
- Creation of new approaches (mock ups within a meeting)

- Machine trials
- Property testing